The Hollingshead Collection


       I am lucky enough to own some great artwork. Through purchases, gifts, trades, and the occasional, accidental theft,        I have been left with a bad ass collection. I thought I'd share the artists' work and their contact information. Go check        them out and give them your support. Tell 'em Ron sent ya!

Dylan Collins

Brett Kern

Aaron Williams

Jason Lee

Kate Barker

Jodi Hollingshead

Jackson Clark

Jenn Allen

Liz and Dwight Pavlovic

Laura Socks

Kevin Werner

Kathleen Smyth

Sarah L. Layne

Robin Silberman

Robert Farmer

Robert "Boomer" Moore


Rhonda Smith

Paul Hutchinson

NL Ultemohler

Morgan Milders

Megan Young

Asic Mitchell

T. Capone

Kevin Shelton


Taylor Kelly

WVU Student

Dale Copeland

Michael Velickoff

Beckie Finley

Scott Albert

E. Brady Robinson

Charles Richard Clary

Stephanie Alaniz

Leslie Norris

Michael Green

Chris Wildrick

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